What do the Pixel Buds Pro need to succeed? Some advice from the Android Police podcast


Our editor-in-chief Daniel Bader can't help himself. He knows he has a crate full for wireless earbuds, but he's still tantalized by what the Pixel Buds Pro might be able to offer. What are the expectations and will these new buds live up to them? We talk about it this week on the Android Police podcast.

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1:12 | Daniel draws on new leaks (and last week's chat about spatial audio in Android 13) for some major ANC audio gear from Google and Sony.

16:35 | On the Chromebook beat, Ara brings up her experiences with Acer's Chromebook 514 and we wonder exactly who it fits.

29:24 | In other news, Google finally begins abandoning passwords for account logins and the Galaxy Watch5 may get a Pro tier.

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