Save 84% on Lifetime Access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and More


Whether you own a Mac or Windows PC, there’s never been a better time to buy Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Office

Most of us use some form of Microsoft Office on a regular—if not daily—basis, whether for work or personal use, or both. Rather than pay for a monthly or annual Microsoft 365 subscription, save yourself hundreds by grabbing this deeply discounted copy of Office Professional 2021 today.

How deeply discounted? From today, August 28th, through Labor Day (September 4th), you can buy a lifetime license for the Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for a flat rate of only $35. That’s a whopping 84% off its usual price of $219.99, and it’s a one-time purchase; you’ll have access to the included suite for the rest of your life, with no recurring subscription charges required. To put it in perspective, not only are you saving on subscription fees, but this deal is half the cost of a single year of Microsoft 365!

While you aren’t purchasing Microsoft 365 and will thus miss out on a few of its features and apps, Microsoft Office Professional 2021 is well worth your time and money. It provides lifetime access to the 2021 version of the most commonly used Microsoft apps, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Better yet, there’s both a Windows and a Mac version available, so you’ll be able to take advantage of this deal no matter which brand you own—just make sure that your computer runs on at least Windows 10 or macOS Version 11 Big Sur.

Both versions of the Microsoft Office Professional 2021 bundle include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Teams (the basic edition on Mac, the free version on Windows). The Windows edition also comes with Publisher and Access. No matter which version you buy, you’ll be able to download and install your new software right away. You’ll also have access to free software updates and Microsoft’s customer service for your troubleshooting needs.

Keep in mind that you can activate your new license on only one device, so be sure to install it on whichever computer you’ll need to access Word, PowerPoint, etc. on the most, be it the shared family computer or your personal laptop. And be sure to redeem your purchase within 30 days, or you’ll miss out on the deal.

Whether you’re a student heading back to school or a working professional, take advantage of this limited-time offer and cross one regular subscription service payment off your list. Microsoft Office Professional 2021 is available for a flat rate of $35 until September 4th, so you can have permanent access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more at no additional cost. Don’t miss out on this chance to own the entire Office Professional Suite at what will likely be its lowest price of the year.

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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional

$35 $219.99 Save $184.99

Why pay a monthly or annual subscription to Microsoft Office when you can buy lifetime access for a flat rate of $35 instead? Jump on this Labor Day Sale!

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