Belkin’s MagSafe Continuity iPhone Mount Is Just $23 Right Now


The perfect accessory for anyone with a MagSafe-compatible iPhone and a Mac.


Continuity Camera in action with Desk View on an MacBook Pro

MagSafe has been one of the greatest recent additions to iPhone in recent memory. By adding magnets to what’s otherwise just the wireless charging coils of the iPhone, Apple managed to create not only a cool new way to charge its smartphones, but also released an entire ecosystem of accessories that can interact with your phone using those magnets. There are lots of official, first-party ones, but other companies also make a number of third-party, certified ones. One of the more useful ones, by Belkin, is now on sale, and it could change the way you use your phone.

Belkin has a neat camera mount/kickstand that’s compatible with MagSafe. It has a hook that you can use to mount it to your MacBook’s screen, allowing you to use it to turn your iPhone into a webcam, thanks to Apple’s Continuity Camera. This will attach your smartphone to your MacBook’s lid securely and ensure that your iPhone’s rear can be used at any time when you’re going to use your MacBook’s webcam, thus greatly increasing your video feed’s quality.

The mount can also be used as a kickstand, allowing you to set your phone horizontally on a table and watch movies and series, and it has a middle hole to give you a better grip when holding your phone normally. It’s a great all-around addition for any iPhone that supports MagSafe (sorry, iPhone SE owners). It’ll also be compatible with the iPhone 15 when it comes out, as well as other Qi 2-compatible smartphones whenever those are released.

This mount is usually listed for $29.99, and has gone down a few times in price. Right now, however, you can grab one for just $23.21 if you don’t mind getting the White version. It’s definitely one of the cheaper MagSafe accessories, and it’s tremendously useful for several reasons — if you don’t have a case, or if the case you have is MagSafe-compatible, it’s very likely that you’ll keep this on most of the time when you’re not charging your phone.

This deal won’t last forever, and it’s the cheapest price we’ve seen for this particular accessory so far, so buy it while you can.

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