The best heavy-duty Samsung Galaxy S22 cases in 2022

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is made up of some of the best Android phones available, and as such, they should be kept safe from harm. The baby Galaxy S22 might be petite by modern standards, but it's still a fragile phone that won't look so pretty covered in scrapes and cracks.

We've already collected the best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases overall, but that collection struck a balance between design, comfort, and protection. Here, we're focussing purely on the latter. Some of us are incredibly accident-prone, while others work in environments hazardous to small electronics. That's why we've gathered the best heavy-duty cases for the little S22.

If you need a case that can survive the apocalypse, Supcase crafted the Unicorn Beetle Pro just for you. Tested against 20-foot drops and complete with a dust flap to keep sawdust or zombie guts out of your all-important USB-C port, the UB Pro series of cases have survived run-ins with bikes, cars, and even lawnmowers! It might be slightly too thick to work with most wireless chargers, but Supcase makes excellent use of that space with a wide, sturdy pop-out kickstand that you can also use as a phone grip in a pinch.

While this two-piece case has a durable front frame, it doesn't have a screen protector built-in, meaning you can go with tempered glass rather than flimsy plastic. And if the five solid color options aren't to your liking, Supcase also offers a clear version (Yes, really!) of the UB Pro exclusively on its website.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series for Galaxy S22

As Poetic's newest case series, the Neon balances heavy-duty protection and a more lithe profile. It uses the same tried-and-true dual-layer design as the Spigen Tough Armor and OtterBox Commuter Series, but Poetic has refined the design to achieve greater functionality and an iconic look. Cutouts on the back and sides of the hard plastic shell allow the grippier, impact-absorbent TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to keep your phone from sliding around a table or falling out of your hand. Eight colorways ensure you can find one that matches your phone or your favored palette; there's even a lovely Sky Blue to match the S22's custom color.

Poetic Neon for Galaxy S22
Premium pick

3. UAG Monarch for Galaxy S22

8.50 / 10

This case may seem a bit extravagant between the five-layer design and the $60 starting price, but the UAG Monarch is truly fit for a king or queen, or at least for adventure-seeking royalty looking to slay dragons for glory. Like the Supcase UB Pro, the Monarch is rated for 20-foot drops, but even with the five-layer construction, the Monarch is still thin enough to allow for wireless charging on most wireless chargers. While the leather models feel best to my hands, there are also carbon fiber and genuine Kevlar versions if you're feeling especially extra. The grip from the sides of this case is nothing short of sublime, and it will keep your Galaxy safe for years to come.

UAG Monarch for Galaxy S22

OtterBox turned itself into the Kleenex of the heavy-duty case world, and after over a decade of amazingly rugged entries, it has its Galaxy S22 cases down to a science. Sleeker than the Defender Series and way better colored than the Commuter Series, the Symmetry is the Goldilocks of the OtterBox line: durable and dependable without turning into an unwieldy tank. Available in a Rest Purple that matches the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year (Very Peri) and a Renaissance Pink that looks like you could almost see in the dark, the Symmetry Series is the best OtterBox for the Galaxy S22.

Otterbox Symmetry Series for Galaxy S22

Usually, if you want a case that adds a decent lip around the display, you have to buy a thick tank of a case. The Incipio Grip bucks that trend by offering good screen protection without becoming unwieldy. The case sides feature rubberized grips arranged in a geometric pattern, allowing it to live up to its name. There's no way your phone will slip from your hand, and if it does, the case should keep your Galaxy S22 safe from harm. The Grip is available in Black, Midnight Navy, and Red.

Incipio Grip for Galaxy S22

If you want to keep your S22 safe without adding too much bulk and look good, the i-Blason Cosmo can do just that. The flexible TPU construction will protect against bumps and minor drops, and the included screen protector will keep the display scratch-free. The selling point for this case is how it looks. It won't be to everyone's taste, but it stands out nicely in a sea of desaturated rectangles. It's available in six finishes: Clear, Marble Pink, Marble Purple, Ocean Blue, Black, and Red.

i-Blason Cosmo for Galaxy S22

The Ghostek Exec is a well-designed case with some helpful bonus features you won't find with other cases. The textured back makes it comfortable to hold, and while it's bulky enough to keep your S22 safe, it isn't large and unwieldy. In addition, there's a removable credit card holder, so this case has you covered if you don't want to take your wallet with you on a night out. The Exec is available in Black, Gray, and Pink.

Ghostek Exec for Galaxy S22

You don't see many waterproof cases these days, primarily due to smartphones becoming more resistant to liquid ingress. But if you want to use your phone in the bath or submerge it in the sea to take photos and videos, you shouldn't rely on the phone's protection. Smartphones have water-sensitive stickers that change color permanently once wet and void your warranty. The IP rating on your device is meant to protect against accidents, nothing more.

The NAUTICAL features an IP68 rating thanks to its tight charging port cover that can handle submersion up to 20 feet for an hour. If you want to take your S22 to the beach and ensure it's protected against the elements, or even take it underwater for some fish photography, this case will get the job done. But if you just want something to keep your S22 safe under normal circumstances, you'll be better off with one of the other cases on this list. The NAUTICAL doesn't do much to add any extra grip to the phone, and it's nowhere near as comfortable to hold as the others. The case is available in Black and Clear finishes.

Ghostek NAUTICAL for Galaxy S22

The CaseBorne V is a tank. An internal foam layer protects the S22s Gorilla Glass Victus back panel from scratches, while the outer shell ensures that drops and impacts won't harm your phone. We find particularly impressive the inclusion of a front layer that adds lip to prevent screen damage but doesn't include a screen protector. Some prefer a tempered glass screen protector over a plastic one built into a case, and the CaseBorne V gives you that option.

A dust cover for the USB-C port and a sturdy kickstand complete the package, making this one of the most well-rounded cases for the S22, provided you can handle its size and weight. You can buy the CaseBorne V in Black, Orange, or Purple.

CaseBorne V for Galaxy S22

Is a rugged case right for you?

As we examine these cases, I ask that you ponder three questions:

  • How much bulk do you want to add to your Galaxy S22?
    • The thicker and bigger the case, the more punishment it can endure while keeping your phone safe. It's just a shame you sacrifice ergonomics to do it.
  • Do you need protection from dust/debris or just drops?
    • If you're often outside or deal with things like dirt, sand, grass clippings, or sawdust, then protecting your charging port is a must. Cases with port covers will ensure that the elements won't gain ingress to your USB-C port, although they can strain cables that are plugged in for long periods of charging or Android Auto.
  • Are there any extra features you want in your case?
    • While many heavy-duty cases are just a case, many more use the extra bulk to add functionality like kickstands, card slots, phone rings, or metal plates for magnetic mounts. (Sadly, those magnetic plates are almost always too weak to do anything but mess up wireless charging.) Do you prefer a no-frills case or a Swiss Army Knife case?

Whether your phone needs to be kept safe from your job or your clumsiness, we have something here to meet all needs and budgets.

A few suggestions…

The Unicorn Beetle Pro from Supcase offers excellent protection at a reasonable price, but in return, you'll be sacrificing the small form factor of your baby S22. The Poetic Neon aims to balance safety and comfort, and it does this well by offering good protection and an okay feel. It's a jack of all trades, master of none case. Unfortunately, the balance it achieves means it doesn't excel in either area.

The UAG Monarch ramps everything up to 11 with a five-layer construction that allows it to survive drops up to 20 feet. That's more than enough protection for even the clumsiest users, but it comes at a higher price tag of $60. Cases like i-Blason Cosmo go in the opposite direction, putting style and portability above all else while still keeping your phone reasonably safe.

And while some cases like the Cosmo come with built-in screen protectors, if you're opting for a heavy-duty case, you'll want a heavy-duty, tempered glass Galaxy S22 screen protector to keep that Gorilla Glass intact.

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