AMD Ryzen 7000 “together we advance_PCs” Live Blog (7pm ET/23:00 UTC)


At long last the date is here. AMD this evening will be broadcasting their “together we advance_PCs” event, which will be focused around the upcoming launch of their next-generation Ryzen 7000 processors.

AMD first unveiled their Ryzen 7000 platform and branding back at Computex 2022, offering quite a few high-level details on the forthcoming consumer processor platform while stating it would be launching in the fall. The new CPU family will feature up to 16 Zen 4 cores using TSMC's optimized 5 nm manufacturing process for the Core Complex Die (CCD), and TSMC’s 6nm process for the I/O Die (IOD). AMD has not disclosed a great deal about the Zen 4 architecture itself, though their Computex presentation has indicated we should expect a several percent increase in IPC, along with a further several percent increase in peak clockspeeds, allowing for a 15%+ increase in single-threaded performance.

AMD Desktop CPU Generations
AnandTechRyzen 7000
Ryzen 5000
Ryzen 3000
CPU ArchitectureZen 4Zen 3Zen 2
CPU CoresUp To 16C / 32TUp To 16C / 32TUp To 16C / 32T
GPU ArchitectureRDNA2N/AN/A
CPU PCIe Lanes24x PCIe 5.024x PCIe 4.024x PCIe 4.0
Manufacturing ProcessCCD: TSMC N5
IOD: GloFo 12nm
IOD: GloFo 12nm

The Ryzen 7000 series is also notable for being the first of AMD’s chiplet-based CPUs to integrate a GPU – in this case embedding it in the IOD. The modest GPU allows for AMD’s CPUs to supply their own graphics, eliminating the need for a discrete GPU just to boot a system while, we expect, providing enough performance for basic desktop work.

Tonight's presentation, in turn, should finally see AMD moving on to talking about launch details for the Ryzen 7000 CPUs and the associated AM5 platform. That should include performance expectations and a bit more on the motherboards, and of course information on the specific chip SKUs that will be hitting the market, including core configurations, clockspeeds, and prices. With any luck we may get a bit more on the Zen 4 architecture as well, as alongside CEO Dr. Lisa Su, CTO Mark Papermaster is slated to present part of the event.

The event is set to kick off tonight, August 29th, at 7pm ET (23:00 UTC). So be sure to join us for our live blog coverage around the announcement of the next generation of AMD desktop CPUs.

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