8 Ways That Cleaning With the UWANT X100 Floor Cleaner Is Awesome


Floors get dirty really quickly. Even with a daily cleaning routine, a bit of bad weather can lead to dirty feet trampling muck that will take days to shift. Mopping is an option, but we all know that isn’t really as clean as it should be.

UWANT has a solution: the X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner. This is a power-assisted cleaner that uses water to scrub the floor, and sucks the dirt back up. With dual roller brushes and automatic pet hair cutting feature, its long battery life promises to make the UWANT X100 the ideal cordless floor cleaner.

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What’s in the box?

The UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner ships in two main pieces, along with various accessories.

With the main cleaner and handle, there is a docking station, cleaning brush, spare roller, spare filter, dedicated detergent (no other brands can be used), mains adapter, and instruction guide in French and English.

What can you do with the UWANT Floor Cleaner?

You need to clean up quickly, mop, maybe even buff your floors? Is there a spillage you need to deal with, or something nasty that needs sanitizing ASAP?

The UWANT X100 sits on its dock, fully charged, waiting for you to need it. It is suitable for hardwood floors, carpets, PVC, and much more. Better still, you don’t need to select the right mode for the flooring, as the cleaner has a smart mode.

In addition, the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner can be used in three manual modes. First is the standard mode, perfect for most quick cleans; the turbo mode is faster, letting you clean faster and as a result, deeper. That’s really when you should employ the detergent that ships with the cleaner. This is required in a stated ratio of 30ml to a liter, but the water tank on the UWANT X100 is only 600ml, so you'll have some left over for next time.

There is also a dry mode, ideal for any surface that you may not want to get wet.

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8 Things I love about cleaning with the UWANT X100

The UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner is a very capable cleaner. But why do I like it so much? I’ve listed the best things about it.

1. Simple to assemble

A bit of care is required to get the UWANT X100 out of its box, but once it’s upright and standing on your living room floor, all that is left to do for the main assembly is to slot the handle into place.

Some minor assemblage is also required for the charging dock. Here, a raised charging connector point needs to slot into the base. This is perfectly positioned for the vacuum cleaner to connect to when placed in the dock for charging. (Both the cleaner’s handle and the charge connector unit use sprung button pins and can be removed by pressing the buttons in and lifting.)

Similarly, the two water tanks are easy to install and remove, while being securely in place. You can’t twist or tip the cleaner beyond its functional orientation without leakage, but then again, why would you?

2. The UWANT X100 talks to you

Also, worth a mention is the vacuum cleaner’s intelligent, reactive voice information. It informs you when it is powered on, and requires charging.

While the LCD highlights when the water tanks are empty or full, the cleaner also gives you an audible instruction.

3. Bounces back to you when over stretching

Because the two rollers are individually powered, the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner is capable of some serious cleaning. However, that isn’t the only advantage of dual powered rollers. The UWANT X100 will “pull back” if you try to push it beyond its standard angle of usage. At first this is surprising, but you get used to it, and to be honest, it helps.

The dual rollers have another effect, however. Particularly when using with water, the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner feels as though it is hovering. It’s the fast spin of the rollers and the forcing out of the water/water-and-detergent mix that creates this sensation, which makes for more of a buffing than a standard clean.

Unsurprisingly, this is something that only happens with hard floors, rather than on rugs and carpets.

4. Auto off when upright

On my first go with the cleaner, I was very surprised to find that simply standing the UWANT X100 upright would switch it off. If you’ve ever used an upright vacuum cleaner, you will know that standing it upright can be a bit of a battery drain, as you know the device is “safe” (i.e., it won’t fall over) but you don’t need to move around with it just yet.

But with the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner, intelligent switching ensures the motors stop. It stays that way in a sort of standby mode for a few minutes until you either start vacuuming again, or the cleaner shuts itself down properly.

It’s probably worth noting that when upright, the UWANT X100 has heavy classic Star Wars droid vibes. For many, that alone is enough to try it out!

5. The UWANT X100 will clean itself

With dual rollers and two water tanks, the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner sucks up a lot of dirt. Emptying the waste tank is easy enough, although this often requires the use of the brush, especially when hair is involved.

The rollers are another matter. How can you clean those, and get rid of the inevitable pet and human hair? If you’ve used any other type of cleaner, you’ll know how difficult hair can be, especially on rolling brushes.

To make things easier, the UWANT X100 has a self-cleaning mode. Once docked, the clean button can be pressed, and the brushes will clean, spinning against the textured surface of the dock and sucking up the muck.

Better still, the process commences with a blade swiping from right to left, capturing any hair that has wrapped around the rollers.

6. It recharges quickly and the battery lasts ages

The UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner typically ships with a partially-charged battery, so you should be able to give it a quick try out. But even if the battery is almost flat, or you get carried away with your first go on the cleaner, it recharges in just three hours.

So, you can expect it to be ready to use again the next day.

That three hours of charging gives you a 44-minute battery life, which is enough to comfortably clean 300 square meters.

In most properties, that means multiple cleans from a single charge.

7. Different modes for all types of surface

The UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner is suitable for carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, laminate floors, PVC floors, and even tiled flooring.

Its default smart mode should handle anything you throw at it, but if you need to switch to a manual dry-clean for carpets and rugs (or simply don’t want to use water) then this is also possible.

Meanwhile, the turbo cleaning mode is also an option. It makes a bit more noise, but that’s only to be expected as the brushes are spinning faster and water is being pumped and sucked up more quickly. Our test device was trialed on a pair of rugs and a full carpet, along with 8mm laminate, PVC, and tiles, all with good results.

8. It even cleans pet hair without a drop in performance

Whether you have long hair in your household or pets, it's guaranteed to get caught up in your vacuum cleaner. The UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner will pull up all hair and fur and much more besides, storing it in the waste reservoir for emptying later.

Our test device was tried out in two households, one with two girls with long hair, another with a dog who likes to lay on the carpet. In both cases, the UWANT X100 vacuumed up hair and anything else, and not a single strand was wrapped around the rollers.The self-cleaning mode mentioned earlier contributes to improved performance despite the collection of hair.

Cleaning your home is easier than ever

Having spent a few days living with the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner, I can tell you that it is ideal for all manner of hard flooring types, whether wooden, laminate, tiled, or PVC. It vacuums carpets and rugs pretty well, too.

While it isn’t ideal for cleaning edges and under low sofas, the UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner will certainly replace your mop, and even your current multipurpose wet-and-dry vacuum cleaning device – that may or may not have recently been acquired by a global conglomerate.

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