Tile’s 2022 Essentials pack is back down to a record low of $68


We’ve all misplaced our keys, wallet or TV remote in the past, but Bluetooth trackers can help you find those things a bit more easily the next time that happens. Tile’s devices are some of the most popular out there since they work well with both Android and iOS devices and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Now, you can pick up a four-pack of 2022 Tile trackers for $68, which is 15 percent off and a return to its all-time-low price.

Buy 2022 Tile Mate Essentials pack at Amazon – $68

The Essentials pack comes with two Tile Mates, one Tile Slim and one Tile Sticker. The Mate chips have built-in keyring holes so you can easily attach them to your keys, while the Slim is designed to slip seamlessly into your wallet, a luggage tag and other thin places. The Sticker has an adhesive backing that lets you stick it to things like a remote control, a game controller or even your pet’s collar. All of these Tile trackers have IP67 water-resistant designs along with three-year, non-replaceable batteries.

Their designs may be different, but all of the Tile trackers in this pack do the same thing: allow you to keep track of your things from within Tile’s mobile app. The trackers connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmit the last known location of your stuff to the Tile app. And if someone else finds your things before you do, you can add your contact information to the Tile so they can get ahold of you.

Each model in this pack has a Bluetooth range of 250 feet, and when you’re within that range, you can force the Tiles to ring so you can more easily find your stuff. The opposite also works too — if you’ve misplaced your phone but have your keys with a Tile in hand, you can use the tracker to ring your smartphone even when it’s on silent. Aside from the fact that you’ll have to replace the entire tracker once the three-year battery runs out, Tile devices are a good way to digitally keep track of your things.

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