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If you use Gmail or Google Chat, you probably find yourself using the search function constantly to look through your old emails or chat logs. It’s about to improve, though, thanks to new additions just announced by Google.

The new changes, which are available on both desktop and mobile, include two new functions in Gmail. The first will let you search for emails within a specific Gmail label, so you can filter your results and find what you’re looking for more easily. The second feature will show you “related” results if Gmail can’t find a specific email with the search term you entered.

image of related results page
Related results in Gmail search Google

In addition, the Chat app is gaining a search history. If you search for something and tap on the search bar again after you’re done, you’ll see your past few search queries, letting you quickly recall search results and more.

Gmail’s related results feature is now available on the web version of Gmail, while Gmail label search and Chat search history is available on iOS and Android devices now — Chat search history, specifically, should become available on iOS devices by the end of October, in case you’re not seeing it right now.

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