Google reveals useful iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Maps, Chrome, Gmail and more


iOS update day is always an enjoyable time for iPhone owners and Google is getting in on the fun by detailing widgets for the the iOS 16 Lock Screen.

In a blog post, Google has revealed the new iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for its Search, Drive, Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Google News iPhone apps.

The company says these useful-sounding, customisable widgets will be launched as updates for those apps within the coming weeks. The search widget gives iPhone users the opportunity to do something Android users have taken for granted, the ability to start a Google Search directly from the Lock Screen.

Google says users “can even configure the Search widget to start searching with your voice or camera — to translate, get homework help or shop what you see.”

Meanwhile, the Google Maps widget offers plenty of real-time information, like traffic updates and travel times, and you can place familiar places on the lock screen. There’s also a search widget for finding nearby spots.

The Gmail widgets offers a decent snapshot of the state of your inbox, while Google News offers at a glance headlines, while Drive enables you to quickly dive back into projects, suggested files and favourite folders.

In terms of browsing the web, you can quickly launch the Chrome browser, start a search with your voice or launch a new Incognito tab.

“Your Lock Screen is the first thing you see when you pick up your phone, and Lock Screen widgets for lots of Google apps are on the way,” Google says in a blog post. “You’ll be able to unlock your device to access your favourite Google features in just one tap — and even see some updates right on your Lock Screen.”

For more information on how to download iOS 16 and the best iOS 16 features, we have you covered.

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