This Pixel 7 contract is cheaper than going SIM-free


While buying a phone like the Google Pixel 7 outright can save you money on a monthly tariff we’re starting to see deals that actually make it cheaper to pick up the handset as part of a contract.

Take this one from Mobile Phones Direct, for example. It’s offering a Pixel 7 for £22 a month with 100GB of data. There’s also a £49 upfront fee for the phone.

Pixel 7 with 100GB of data for £22 a month

Pixel 7 with 100GB of data for £22 a month

Google’s flagship is available over 24 months for less than you’d pay to buy the phone outright. This deal isn’t to be missed.

  • Mobile Phones Direct
  • 100GB of data
  • £22 a month

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It’s a 24-month contract so it amounts to £577. To buy the phone outright, you’ll pay £599 without any data plan.

This deal is on Three’s 5G network and you have tons of data to play with for all your streaming needs. The Pixel 7 comes in Snow White with 128GB of built in storage and will ship next day. Can’t say fairer than that!

The Pixel 7 is the latest version of Google’s homegrown smartphone range and this model is the first to boast the second-generation Tensor processor. The phone offers a great camera system, boosted by Google’s back end computational tech, while there’s a stylish design and a really good screen.

We gave it a 4.5 star review out of a possible 5 stars, with the limited number of updates, relatively slow charging and absence of a telephoto lens keeping the phone from a perfect score.

“The Pixel 7 offers a charming and impressive all-round experience, with a particularly impressive camera system, making it very good value for its asking price,” our review concluded.

Of course there’s the Pixel 7 Pro to consider too, but at this price, we’re tempted to go with the standard edition and its 6.3-inch AMOLED display. Here’s a great deal on the Pixel 7 Pro too!

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