Sennheiser’s latest true wireless brings crystal clarity to TV viewing


While most of us were taking a break over the Platinum Jubilee holiday, Sennheiser were busy announcing another true wireless, but this one comes with a slight twist on the traditional format.

The TV Clear aims to make it possible to enjoy television with “superior speech clarity” in the convenient form of true wireless earbuds (it certainly looks more accessible than the stethoscope-looking RS 5200).

It comes with a transmitter to ensure low latency delivery of audio over a wireless connection, the transmitter then connects to the TV via an optical or analogue output. Or the Clear TV can connect over Bluetooth to watch TV on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, as well as making and receiving calls on a smartphone.

The audio can be personalised with a choice of five speech clarity levels that provides up to 20 dB of high-frequency amplification for “crystal-clear dialogue”. Volume level on the earbuds can be set independently from either the television or other audio source when using them with the transmitter, to watch content at a comfortable sound level.

With an Ambient Awareness mode external sound can be piped through when wearing the earbuds to hear what’s around you, or it can be switched off for some privacy. With a selection of ear-tips and fins, Sennheiser says the TV Clear earbuds will “stay comfortably in place without disturbing your viewing pleasure.”

With the TV Clear app settings such as touch controls can be customised, with a Find My Earbuds feature to locate when they go missing (should be easier than finding your TV remote). Battery life is 15 hours on a single charge when used with the transmitter, with the charging case offering another 22 for 37 hours in total.

The asking price will likely raise a few eyebrows, the Sennheiser TV Clear Set goes on sale late June 2022 for £349.99 MSRP.

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