Kodi 20.2 Now Available With a Ton of Bug Fixes


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Kodi is an open-source media center that allows you to stream content from the internet, such as movies and shows, from servers and backends of your choosing. While Kodi 21 is in still development, a new update for Kodi 20 is rolling out.

Kodi version 20.2 is a minor update, but it’s fixing a bunch of issues that were especially annoying. Most of those fixes are related to audio, seeking, video playback, and much more things. Among the issues fixed, we have one where the watched/unwatched status was not being taken into account for items not added to the video library when creating playlists, and a crash by memory exhaustion when some emulators are used was also fixed.

There are quite a few changes in total, and you can read all of them on Kodi’s blog at the source link below. If you have an issue that’s been bugging you for some time, it might finally be gone for good. You can download the latest version from the Kodi website, or wait for it to appear in your package manager of choice.

Source: Kodi

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