Here are the 15 names Apple has trademarked for macOS 14: Which do you like best? [Poll]

What name macOS 14

Leading up to WWDC where Apple is expected to unveil macOS 14 for the first time, the company has 15 unused trademarked names that it’s likely to pull from. Some of those include Diablo, Condor, Redwood, Shasta, Skyline, Sonoma, Sequoia, and Mammoth. Check out the full list and share which are your favorites in our poll plus some insight on which may be more likely to be Apple’s pick.

Back in 2021, friend and former colleague Parker Ortolani predicted Apple would name macOS 12 Monterey which Apple indeed did. Parker had discovered a number of trademarked names for macOS that hadn’t been used and used some sharp sleuthing to narrow things down.

Keeping track of what’s left on the list, Parker recently noted that there are 15 macOS trademarked names that haven’t been used.

There’s always the chance Apple could use something besides one of these, but notably, for the last decade, Apple has always picked from this list:

there are 15 names of places in California Apple trademarked but never used, to date every name they have used was one of those trademarks



— Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) April 21, 2023

As I previously shared, since we haven’t heard hardly anything about what upgrades may come with macOS 14, it may be focused on minor features and refinements. If that’s true, it may offer some clues as to which of the names Apple may avoid and which may be more likely.

Less likely macOS 14 names

Mammoth, Sequoia, Redwood, Condor, Grizzly, and Diablo all come to mind as a poor fit if macOS 14 is a modest release given their meanings or associations with grandness, largeness, or… the devil, haha.

More likely macOS 14 names

Meanwhile, these nine names have more neutral or relaxed meanings or associations that could work well with a modest release:

  • Farallon – meaning headland, outcrop, or rocky peak
  • Miramar – look at the sea
  • Rincon – corner
  • Pacific – peaceful in character
  • Shasta – teacher
  • Skyline – outline of land/buildings
  • Redtail – often related to the redtail hawk
  • Sonoma – valley of the moon
  • Tiburon – shark

Miramar, Shasta, and Sonoma stand out to me as nice choices to follow macOS Ventura for a low-key update.

What do you think?

Which do you like best and which do you think is most likely for Apple to choose? Vote in the polls below!

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