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Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past few months, you’re well aware of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 line of smartphones. This trio has already powered its way onto our list of the best Android phones around, but phones this premium come with premium prices, which can make it tough to take the plunge and purchase one of these models outright.

With these phones still as new and desirable as they are, it can be a bit expensive to grab one of these handsets. Thankfully, there’s a deal at Amazon today that includes the entire line of Samsung Galaxy S23 phones at a great price point — and with an awesome storage upgrade.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering a storage upgrade for each of the Galaxy S23 models at no extra charge, letting you get a 256GB model for the price of 128GB, or 512GB for the regular cost of the 256GB edition. This may not be the largest discount the S23 phones have seen yet (nor will), but right now it’s a great way to grab a Galaxy S23 on sale at a good price.

Samsung Galaxy S23

With a clear and colorful display, battery life that’s second to none with well over a day’s worth of run time, and snappy and responsive performance thanks to some impressive hardware under the hood, the baby Galaxy S23 is an all-around smart buy.

The screen, while a tad bit smaller in comparison to the S23 Ultra and S23+, still offers plenty of real estate at 6.1″ in size and features up to 120Hz refresh rates. The cameras, which are comparable to the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s 10.8MP front-facing camera and 50MP rear unit, capture incredible image and video quality for the price. These features, plus this free storage upgrade, make this deal well worth a look.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Cream

Source: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S23
$800 $860 Save $60

Samsung’s flagship S23 offers a great balance of improvements and features without breaking the mold too much. The performance is one of the biggest selling points here, and Samsung’s made a fast and responsive smartphone that’s great for all-around use. The camera is solid and the hardware itself delivers a great experience, whether you’re browsing the web, gaming, or just taking photos.

Samsung Galaxy S23+

Samsung’s middle-child Galaxy S23+ is a great phone that delivers excellent performance and features. With a larger 6.6″ AMOLED FHD screen than the S23, this may be the perfect balance that offers great features at a decent price point — and thanks to the upgrade in storage capacity Amazon is offering, this one is well worth the price of admission. If you want a phone that delivers a more premium-feeling experience but don’t want to spend the $1,200 for the Ultra, you’d do well to take advantage of this Galaxy S23+ deal before it’s gone.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ in Green

Source: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S23+
$1000 $1120 Save $120

There’s a lot to love about the Galaxy S23+, but the normal price tag might not be one of them. However, this stellar deal from Amazon offers this incredible phone at a much more enticing price, along with a decent storage upgrade to boot.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If you’re a photography fan, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is just what you’ve been looking for. With a 12MP front camera paired with a stunning 200MP rear camera, this handheld is one of the best phones on the market for those really looking to get the best imaging performance around. You’ve also got that nifty S Pen for quicker touchscreen operation, providing improved control and precision during day-to-day use.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with up to 12GB of RAM, a stunning AMOLED QHD+ screen with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and an ultra-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is capable of high-performance gaming. Even 256GB can fill up surprisingly fast with apps and games, so being able to upgrade to the 512GB version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone at no extra cost is an absolute killer offer.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Green

Source: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
$1200 $1380 Save $180

For the price of the 256GB model, you can upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB version at no extra charge. While not the largest discount the Galaxy S23 Ultra has seen, the $180 savings and the added storage capacity are well worth it. Since this phone is perfect for both gaming and photography, the extra storage space is a godsend at this price.

With the ability to save up to $180 off the price of a Galaxy S23 phone, you’re getting some big savings on one of the top smartphones on the market today. This free storage increase is a big deal, considering just how much space all our photos and apps can take up. While Google Drive or other cloud services can help, you just can’t beat half a terabyte of local storage. Plus, with quite possibly the best camera available on an Android handset to date, you’ll want to take as many pictures as you can with your new Galaxy S23 phone — so don’t miss this deal and your chance to get all the space you’ll need.

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