Weekend poll: What’s your New Year’s smartphone resolution?


Kick off 2022 with some new mobile habits

Well, folks, we did it. Another year in the bag, one that I think we can all agree was chill and featured absolutely no conflict whatsoever. 2022 is coming fast and hot, with CES kicking off this week to give us a preview of all of the new gadgets you’ll be buying over the next twelve months. Instead of focusing on what’s to come, let’s think about the tech you already own. What’s your New Year’s smartphone resolution for 2022?

Now, obviously, I’m not talking about your display resolution. Instead, think about what smartphone-related habits you want to develop, change, or curtail throughout this year. Maybe you want to stop doomscrolling on Twitter, or you’re looking to capture more photos to better remember the good times when next January rolls around. It might even be broader: maybe it’s finally time to upgrade your dying Galaxy S8, or you’re tired of constantly dropping — and breaking — a never-ending collection of smartphones.

The options are endless, but I’ve selected a few obvious ones that might relate to our readers. Of course, if you’d rather suggest your own, the comments section is always open. I have a feeling it’ll be a lively one this week.

What’s your New Year’s smartphone resolution for 2022?

Replace an old, dying phone with something newer.

17%, 50 votes

Stop dropping it all over the place.

5%, 15 votes

Keep it (or its case) a little bit cleaner.

6%, 18 votes

Stop letting it drop down below 5% all of the time.

4%, 12 votes

Take advantage of its camera to take more photos.

26%, 80 votes

Dial back on the doomscrolling — in other words, reduce screen-on time.

20%, 61 votes

Try out some new apps or games from the Play Store.

8%, 23 votes

Use it more often to make secure payments when out shopping.

7%, 21 votes

Stop using “1234” — or something similar — as a PIN.

2%, 6 votes

Something else (leave a comment).

5%, 17 votes

Total Votes: 303

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